Userfriendly IT Backup and Recovery

Here at Userfriendly we recommend Windows Azure, Microsoft's new-age cloud service that lets you build and operate massive applications without setting up your own hardware. With it’s seamless integration, you will never have to worry about your IT again.

Data Backup

Secure Offsite Backup: to protect key information, we replace manual or less secure backup processes with automated backups—providing business continuity and peace of mind. Backups are done online and data is stored remotely, whilst still providing secure access whenever required.


Patch Management

Minimal Disruption: we install updates, new technology and ‘patches’ (fix problems) without major business interruptions. Security and system updates and patches are performed remotely, outside business hours. Patch Management optimises performance and minimises security risks.

Anti Virus Solutions

Protection and Removal: we install, manage and update Virus, Spam, Spyware and Malware software. This ensures you have robust, up-to- date detection and prevention systems to protect against security threats and breaches. We can also educate staff on Usage Policies.