We’ve been around long enough to know that I.T. and computers can be a cruel master without great support.

That’s where Userfriendly Computing has forged a great reputation!

Our Motto — I.T. MADE EASY


For over seven years Userfriendly Computing has been looking after Christchurch homes, businesses, schools and charity organisations.

Communication is everything.

We look like you, talk like you, and work for you.

We provide solutions and honest advice to get the job done, guaranteed. If we can’t provide what you need we will put you in touch with the right people who can


Since the Christchurch earthquakes we have helped dozens of businesses retrieve, repair, replace and relocate their business. Because your business is at the heart of our business we understand how important it is to have reliable support, reliable I.T. infrastructure and reliable advice.

On-site, prompt and with your interests at heart, call Userfriendly Computing today for a solution you can trust.